What is a LED Neon Sign?

LED neon lights replicate the lighting effect of glass neon lights but do so more efficiently. These lights feature a strip with different Light-emitting diodes or LEDs mounted on it. The type, colour, size, and strength of these LEDs determines the colour, brightness, and hue of the neon light produced. LED neon signs are growing in popularity every day as they are easy to use and extremely versatile.

Can I design my own Neon Sign?

Absolutely, this is our favourite thing to do. You can use the customiser to Design your own Or Upload your design and we will turn it into a beautiful neon sign.

Can you turn a logo or image into a Neon Sign?

Yes, send us your design and we will get back to you with a preview based on your image or logo. Upload your logo or image here

Why is it cheaper than other websites I've seen online?

Simply we do not over charge, we believe in fair pricing but do not cut corners on quality.

I thought Neon signs were made of glass?

Typically neon signs used to be made out of glass tubes, however, this is old technology. Neon glass tube is very costly, doesn't last as long as LED, uses much more energy and are very fragile. Our neon signs can take a knock without any danger of smashing!

How Long does it take to quote my design?

Typically we turn around quotes in 24-48hrs, but in busy periods it can take up to 7 days. We tend to be quick on getting back to you because we are just as excited to make and design as you are to receive it!

How long does it take to make the sign?

Once we have an agreement you are happy with your custom design it will take between 7-14 days. If you are in a rush for a special date, please let us know via the contact page. We will do whatever we can to make sure you are satisfied and get your sign on time!

How are these signs made?

All signs are hand-made by our team of minions in the UK and are quality controlled to the highest level.

How long is shipping?

Signs usually ship within 1 week of completion.

Do these signs come with a warranty?

Absolutely! we are so confident in the quality of our signs that we offer a free 2-year warranty. Faulty signs will be repaired or replaced.

Returns policy?

Each sign is handmade so unfortunately cannot accept returns on our signs. However, if the product is faulty we will do everything we can to rectify the issue. Faulty signs must be returned in original condition to receive a replacement. Please provide evidence of faults in your contact with us.


More questions?

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